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Questions for #TLAP discussion on July 3 @7pm

Here is my brainstorming page for questions for the Teach Like a Pirate Twitter chat

Q1:  What about your “first three days” of school will be different this year?  Do you plan to keep anything the same?

Q2:  What techniques do you use/plan to use to “immerse” yourself in the moments in your classroom?

Q3:  Remember the Honda Odyssey story?  What questions do you plan to ask yourself in order to spark more creativity?

Q4: What lessons in your repertoire need reframing (like the heart bracelet that became pirate treasure)?

Q5:  What “hook” sections do you already feel comfortable with?  Which ones do you plan to refer back to for inspiration?

Q6:  Given Jimmy Johnson’s quote “Do you want to be safe and good, or do you want to take a chance and be great?”, what chances do you plan to take this year?


Here are some pages with more ideas:



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