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First Podcast Experience #SummerLS #FlippedLearning

So I just listened to my first podcast. My hubby has been really into listening to these with relation to the fitness world as that is his passion. For me, I’ve spent my listening time in the car to catch up on NPR. I guess I kinda like saying “I heard on NPR today…” For some geeky reason that was cool to me :). I think I will listen to more. NPR will still be a staple in my car, but I think I’ll tune into some podcasts Ina regular basis if I find ones I really like.

Anyway, I chose to listen to several podcasts on Flipped Learning. Specifically, I my first one was with how a flipped classroom can utilize PBL. It seems like a natural fit (given my research). It was really interesting to listen in on someone else’s convo. It also made me think about how maybe I can use that medium (podcasts) with my students either for them to view my personal podcast or for them to create one. I am interested in how difficult it is to get students to be able to make a podcast.

I liked this quote that they referred to in the podcast.


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