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Moderated a Twitter Chat #TLAP #SummerLS

Well that was fun. I was afraid all day that no one would show up to the discussion so I am VERY grateful that people did 🙂 even the AUTHOR DID – HOW AWESOME IS THAT! I took the first of many chances this school year!

I have to say that I NEVER thought that I would love Twitter this much. I figured that you were either a Facebook person or a Twitter person. Now I LOVE Facebook and all of my friends on there but it serves a COMPLETELY different purpose than Twitter. It makes me curious about Instagram since all of my students are VERY into using that platform, but I am not ready for that yet.

As far as the chat tonight, it has helped crystalize for me that I don’t have to be afraid of the endeavors I plan to take this fall. I need to jump in with both feet and “swim with my students”. I am so excited. I think I am ready to put the books down for a little while and maybe focus on deciding what to focus on this year. I really do want to try these endeavors but I need to prioritize and start work as soon as possible. My list includes (in no particular order):

making the first three days AMAZING

standards based grading

flipping lessons

teaching AP for the first time in several years

utilizing the hooks from TLAP in order to increase engagement in my class

some problem based learning

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