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“I Gotta Share That” #science guy podcast inspires #MathEd girl

I just finished listening to a podcast by EduAllStarsHQ interviewing Steve Spangler


So much of what he said resonated with me, a math teacher. Specifically the idea that in 20 years from now will any student ever say “I remember that worksheet from Ms Stone’s class”? He also talked about the importance of making connections, to both each other and the content. I loved when he was talking about the mix of content and and passion. Anyone can be taught content, but you can’t teach passion.

This was so relevant to my work this summer with Teach Like A Pirate. I don’t know if I’ve EVER felt this passionate about my work. I can’t wait to use that to fuel my lessons. Now I want to pass that on. The adrenaline I feel now is amazing and I hope I can “pass it on” to others and help them achieve their goals and aspire higher.


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