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Pump the brakes…but still full speed ahead with #flipclass

This summer has been incredibly inspiring when it comes to my classroom for the upcoming year.  I was asked to assist with registration tonight and I served in the room that got parents into their PowerSchool account and through a registration process for a product our counseling staff utilizes to assist students in their college and career planning.  This experience was really eye opening.  I had two parents who were unable to use a computer mouse which was shocking to me (and really shouldn’t but it was).  It made me really reconsider the ways that I will probably have to accommodate some of my students this fall as I attempt to flip my classroom instruction.  I think that this experience would deter some teachers from their original course of action…however, it had an opposite effect on me.  I realized that now MORE THAN EVER I need to help my students address these 21st Century BASIC skills.  Maybe through enlightening students to the possibilities of technology will they be able to get their parents on board with the ideas.  So although the experience gave me pause to think, it has reinvigorated me even more on my mission.

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