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first two weeks of school reflections

We started what is considered to be early to some. I’ve been starting in the second week of August for some time now so I’m used to it. Actually, my first year of teaching we didn’t start until September 10…as in the day-before-the-September-11. Sometime I’ll share those experiences with you as I think it has affected my teaching in positive ways that never would have happened otherwise, but for now, it’s just to drive home the point that by September 11 this year I will have already been on school for a month.

The great part of Teach Like a Pirate, is that it is  always in the back of my mind.  It feels like I have a whole new set of tools for my toolbox.  I’ve started striving for incorporating more and more of the hooks into my lessons.  I’ve also bought into the 1% philosophy.  Basically, it means that I just try to do things 1% better everyday.  Anyone can do 1% more any day.  Eventually all of the 1%’s will add up to big success.

I’m working with one of the teachers in my school to challenge ourselves to flipping our lessons this year.  Both of us got overwhelmed at the beginning of the school year and I will admit that I didn’t step up to the plate like I thought I would.  I think I need to take an approach like I did for Math Talks which was to start with small goals and work up to larger ones.  So my thought is to start with a classroom video of my own content to teach students how to interact with the video and then set small goals along the way and deliberately work toward flipping an entire class next semester.  I need to build my PLN more and just jump in and get my feet wet.  I am positive that once I do, I won’t regret it.

Sharing my classroom this year has been easier than in years past.  I think I’ve gotten better about streamlining my stuff and my space to ensure a quick departure at the end of the day.  It also helps that I get to start in the room.  Overall, I feel good about the classroom environment that I have started to build.

Today I participated in school led PD on the Danielson model. We jigsawed out the four domains and went back to our home groups to report out.  I can appreciate the effort made to engage us in discussion but I was disappointed that there wasn’t a larger conversation.  By that I mean, I want to interact with my administrators.  I want to know what they think and how they believe that the Danielson model should live in our classrooms.  Just like I can gain formative information by participating in my daily lessons, I want my administrative team to gain those same types of insight from our professional development.  So my question is, how do I invite others to the conversation without overstepping my bounds as a teacher?

Overall, I am happy about the year so far and am looking forward to making more effort toward personal growth.  I am excited to teach not only my AP Stats class but my Algebra as well.  Checking in to this blog has also reminded me about my goal to build more healthy relationships with others at school.  Thanks for reading.

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