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#EdCampChicago Experience

Just my thoughts from today.  First, I LOVE the fact that my mom and family support me during these endeavors and she is watching my lil guy at home.  Big thank you to her 🙂  Second, I love having conversations that last longer than the 40 character limit of Twitter :).  Third, I really thought about how to utilize some of the features of this format in the PD we present to make it better.  Always remember to “Go Where You Grow” – “Vote With Your Feet”


Integrating Tech Into The Math Classroom 

This conversation was good.  As I move into functions, I was trying to rack my brain on what to do.  I was reminded of the Function Carnival and can’t wait to use it this week.  I could probably spend hours on the different sites shared in this conversation.  I have plenty of reading, that is for sure.

Google Hangouts In The Classroom

This session helped reignite some ideas for me on how to utilize this tool in my classroom.  I would like to practice with it some more before going live.  Several of us had issues with the tech, but it was nice to have some people in the room that knew what they were doing.

Things That Suck

Ever since the last EdCamp I wanted to go to one of these sessions.  However, the carb overload from lunch I realized that I was more in the mood to listen as opposed to debating.  We debated snowdays and interactive white boards before I left.  I think one of these sessions could be fun in lieu of our traditional PD sessions at school.

Instructional Coaching

I liked the idea of using a Google calendar to track my activities and make it public to others to see.  I totally started a new calendar and plan to share it on Monday :).  Additionally, started a new Twitter Hashtag #iledcoach.

Standards Based Grading

This session helped me realize that I really want to utilize this.   I am fully aware that my grades are arbitrary and only though using standards based learning/grading can I get closer to having my students understand what they need to know and when they need to know it.

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