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November 4 District Institute Day

PBIS: Tier 1 Supports

I am attending a Professional Development session about PBIS.  The speaker discussed using “High Quality & Engaging Instruction” in my classroom.  She had us talk to each other about what the first seven minutes of our class was like.  I enjoyed the activity and it does make me think about how I structure my first part of my class again.  However, this idea is not new to me.  I did lots of work this summer through reading books like Teach Like a Pirate by Dave Burgess.  I guess my biggest issue with this presentation was the fact that this presenter didn’t practice what she preached.  She talked to us about “my first seven minutes of class” but did she think about the first seven minutes of her presentation?  Did she attempt to engage me as the adult learner?  I guess one of the biggest takeaways I get from these experiences is that I do not want my students to feel like I do.  I would have moved the section with the surveys to the beginning in order to begin the discussion on where we are and where we need to be.

On a side note, I continue to be amazed at what I will find on Twitter and the internet during surface level searching.  While the presenter was lecturing I looked up her biographical information on the internet and Twitter.


Pluralistic Classrooms

Think of 8 important individuals from dawn of history until 1870, 1870-1970, and 1970-present.  How many women?  How many brown people?  Which was the easiest?  List 8 Hispanic authors and poets.  African American. Caucasian.  Although the presentation was not all that great, the ideas behind it were.  I did appreciate the following video.

The Case Against The Single Story

It was amazing to listen to this woman’s personal experience with creating a single story in her own life to be able to get me to re-examine my own single stories in my life.  How many times have my students conjured up a single story for me because I did not take the time to get to know them better?  What can I do to better understand more than the single story?  Stories are a part of power, they can make or break a people.   “When we reject the single story, we regain a kind of paradise.”

Math Department Meeting

Discussed Formative Assessment Lessons,, Class Dojo, etc.  Teachers seemed to respond well to our portion of the presentation related to Formative Assessment Lessons and MARS tasks.  I was happy with the response given all of the adversity we overcame in order to put this session on.



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