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Goals, drawbacks, still learning…

I realized last night that I haven’t been the social media person I was first semester.  I haven’t blogged, been on Twitter, or anything outside of Facebook in a while.  I also have noticed that my classroom has suffered because of it.  I have gotten so wrapped up in the goings on at school that I forgot to focus on myself and my students.  This realization came when I was thinking about going to EdCamp this weekend and how I haven’t accomplished much technology wise in my classroom.  Some of this is due to my classroom set of laptops not working any more.  They are only equipped with Internet Explorer and the tech department refuses to update them to a current version of Firefox or the like.  You don’t realize how much you rely on technology in your classroom until it is no longer at your fingertips.  That has led me to try to go to the library and use their computers but I am often blocked by English teachers (who mind you have their own Chromebook carts that they are not allowed to share, YET they go to the library so that students can print their work….maybe I should provide professional development to them on other means of turning items in as opposed to printing everything).  But this just sounds like a laundry list of excuses and instead I need to take the bull by the horns and just do what I need to do!  So, new goals for next week:

1.)  prepare a flipped lesson!  I had the goal of flipping one of my classes this year and have failed MISERABLY at that – so let’s take off a smaller chunk and just flip ONE lesson next week.  I think I will make it the lesson on solving radical equations

2.) get to the lab for an activity!  I think that we will do this for the lesson on graphing radical functions

3.) Stay positive and set new goals for next year 🙂

4.) Keep working on my social media presence a little at a time

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