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My First #FlipClass Experience – I’ll Do It Again :) #MTBoS

Last summer I had plenty of teaching “epiphanies”.  Maybe because my son was 2 years old and I felt like a real adult again after having no sleep for two years 🙂 or maybe because after teaching for 14 years I wanted new tricks for my bag of tricks.  Regardless, I had plans of “Teaching Like a Pirate” and flipping my instruction and using Standards Based Grading.  I read books and blog posts and participated in online Twitter discussions.  I was fired up.  Then, I got discouraged along the way.  Technology and curricular issues were obstacles and as the lone wolf trying these ideas I shied away  from my lofty summer goals.  Recently, through conversations online with my PLN and with my in person colleagues I realized that these goals were still viable and I needed to start to take action.

I  recorded my first video (for student viewing – I have made practice videos in the past and never published them for students).

I learned that my phone is effective in recording my voice at an appropriate level, but in the future I need to:

1.) use landscape mode

2.) zoom in more

3.) upload with a higher resolution

I’ve tried using screencasting software but need to work on better means of writing on the screen since using the ipad was challenging for me.

I was surprised that my lowest performing class actually did VERY WELL with using the video.  They asked to rewind, they asked content related questions, and were more on task compared to my other class.  They were so great with the activity that I was encouraged to try to do this type of lesson again next week.  Additionally, I truly see the need to improve the activity for AFTER viewing the video from just doing a typical assignment to something more engaging.

Overall, I feel successful with the activity and am proud of my accomplishment of this goal.

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