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#NCSM Un-Conference Experience #unconf2016

NCSM Un-Conference

I’ve always been interested in how an EdCamp or “un-conference” model could be used with other “conferences”.  It was interesting to see how non-edCamp people navigated the system so well.  I was impressed with the conversations and often wanted to be in two places at once.  I am excited about some ideas I got from the event and plan to implement some of those ideas even this week.

Was surprised to see Mary Jo, @mjtav, and Margie, @MargiePligge there.  It’s always pleasant to see familiar faces.  Additionally, I saw my old Geometry book 🙂 another old friend.  Anytime anyone mentions that book in the math community it seems well received.

Below are links to the sessions I attended.

Chromebooks in a Math Classroom

Motivating the Unmotivated

GeoGebra > GSP

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