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#BreakoutEDU with the Science teachers and #MTBoS30

Today was fun because it started with introducing the science department to BreakoutEDU (my newest craze/sensation).  I decided to do Time Warp with them to show how versatile the platform is since that particular game crosses several content areas.  I was apprehensive since they were 1.) my peers in the building and 2.) it is MAY who wants to do anything at a department meeting at 7:35 in the morning in MAY.  However, I was pleasantly surprised at how it went.  I am always amazed (now that I have run about 8 of these sessions) at how much I learn from each group and how they deal with the problem solving elements. I was impressed that even at 15 minutes before the start of first period that they were striving to get into the unknown contents of the box :).  Also, this was the first time I ran the game without candy inside(mostly due to the Facebook conversation on “Do you put prizes in the box?”to which most people responded no because it is about the process and then I began to really reconsider my decision to put prizes in the box for the first set of games with my students last week.  Anyway, it was successful and I look forward to trying it with my own department later this week (but am even more intimidated because 1.) the challenge has been set by the Science department to do it faster and 2.) these are my people!

I found out about the #MTBoS30 challenge today through an email (wish I would’ve heard about it earlier as I am not one who likes to be “behind”).  So I plan to take up the challenge (30 blog posts in 30 days).  I figure that May is the PERFECT month to reflect on my teaching and make plans for next year.  🙂

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