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Blogging About Blogs? Gems I’ve Found the First Couple of Days of #MTBoS30

I’ve been motivated to blog by the #MTBoS30 challenge to blog thirty times in thirty days (this is number three – at some point I will catch up?).  I figured, blogging in itself is good even if you are the only one reading your blog in that it is good for reflection AAAANNNNDDDD for those all important Danielson model examples.  However, blogs are even better if you can read other people’s stuff and learn from it.  Here are some of the blogs that have caught my eye:

This activity called “The Un-Quiz” looked interesting.

Alphabetical Advice for future students of your class looked like a great challenge to get students to reflect.

This post about 31 days of teacher inspiration had one day that talked about the mapping of every shot that Kobe Bryant made in his career which is roughly the same number of lessons that a secondary high school teacher will make in a 35 year career.  Reading through the other days of inspiration, I was – inspired :).  I might either print this for myself or make my own.

Found this on my way out the door this morning  The part that excited me was that he discusses how g(math) now does handwriting recognition – oooooh.

I saw a post for the 5X5 game.  That could be really fun for a day that you would like to keep mathy but don’t want to necessarily do strict curriculum.

My friend Annie Forest has a post that includes all kinds of fun activities.  I especially like the origami one that she herself has done with her students.

I liked this post about  how do mathematicians see the world versus everyone else.

I might devote another blog to blogs in the future.  I like that this activity has gotten me to do some reading as well as writing.  I have had such a positive attitude the last couple of days 🙂


Here is a short list of the reflections that I think I might do this month:

  1. What about my classroom management and/or culture do I like versus what would I like to improve?
  2. Is all this blogging on my part beneficial?  If so, can I get students to find benefits in blogging?
  3. Flipping my classroom – should I really commit?
  4. What summer goals do I have for myself?
  5. I feel like I’ve been making advancements when it comes to my spirituality.  How does that translate inside my secular classroom environment?
  6. What has being a mom taught me about teaching?
  7. What has teaching taught me about being a mom?
  8. What’s my “teaching bucket list”?
  9. Why is this type of reflection easy to do but when they would be assigned in college did I dread the assignment?



Before the department meeting this morning I was talking to a colleague about the end of the year and she suggested using  I think I’m gonna try to use it for review for the final.


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