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My Spirituality and My Classroom – Never The Two Shall Meet, Or Do They? #MTBoS30

The last year has proven to be one of great growth for me not only as an educator but personally.  Maybe it was due to the coming of my second child or maybe the fact that this is already year 15 (what? how did that happen?) but I’ve learned so much and become a better version of myself (or at least I would like to think).

During one of my spirituality studies, I brought up my conflict about the “division of church and state” and how I shouldn’t bring my religious/spiritual beliefs into my classroom.  I also discussed how even though I’m not supposed to bring God up at school, I still want my students to know love because I show it.

I am super involved with Operation Snowball (a three or four day weekend retreat where students help other students make healthy life choices – especially when it comes to drugs and alcohol).  Students come back from the weekend saying that they loved how everyone was their real self and that they felt comfortable being themselves and wished the world could be more like that.  It’s funny because that idea is part of the very core of my beliefs so maybe that is why I continue to be so involved.

Do you ever feel conflicted about your beliefs and your profession?Spiritual cloud 2015.png


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