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The Friday Five #MTBoS30

Got this idea from a post I read online during my #MTBoS30 daily reading.  I love how much I am learning and reflecting on my own practice by doing this 30 day challenge.

1.)  Deleting My Textbook – here is a post where the author discusses her admiration of Dan Meyer.  It is funny because @mrsforest and I have a similar affinity for his approach.  I want to adopt his verve and find new ways of thinking about and pondering about things with my students.  I feel like they have lost their curiosity with the world and that is sad at such a young age.  How can I revive it?

2.) DESMOS Activity Builder – I read about this through this post.  I guess it is time to update my DESMOS PD to include the activity builder :).  I am sad that just as I was getting into my stride with using DESMOS in my Algebra classes and receiving a classroom set of Chromebooks for daily use they assigned me to Geometry for the year 😦 HOWEVER, that is not an excuse to stop my learning.

3.) I think I would like to create a bank of fun math talks to use for upcoming years.  This Tweet inspired me to think about a fun guessing game that could be applied in other forms like plane figures and solids.

4.)  While on the Facebook group for BreakoutEDU I found this fun little website,  The puzzles are fun and I might be able to find items for my math talk bank for next year.

5.) O – M – G – I need these for next year when I teach area and volume!  Crazy Forts!


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