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30 School Things That Make Me Smile #MTBoS30

Saw this challenge on another blog so I thought I would try it too.  It was easy at first and more challenging at the end.

30 School Things That Make Me Smile

1.) my Mathletes

2.) my Snowballers

3.) the fact that it is good practice to beg, borrow and steal anything from other people to help your students learn more

4.) the fact that every day provides the opportunity for learning (both for my students and myself)

5.) teaching the same prep next year

6.) perpendicular

7.) “all balls are similar” (during a discussion on spheres)

8.) my ridiculous sticker and postit collection

9.) Friday music

10.) students who graduate that come back to visit

11.) my current set of study hall students

12.) when a student says “my ____ hurts” (fill in blank with something like head or arm) and I say “well it’s your face that is hurting me” and the students say “dang Ms. Stone is trying to go in” and I say “no I wasn’t trying I just did” – I’m losing Danielson points for admitting that little tidbit

13.) making sure to say “good morning” to Karen

14.)  Roberts, Steph, Smads, Dunn, Towery, Gunby, Karen, Charlene, Eileen, Blomarz, BPac, lil Joe, big Joe, Val, BernDog, …this list is getting long…I should just say, the awesome people I work with

15.) the circles on the wall (ying yangs and name in a circle)

name circles.jpg

yin yangs.jpg

16.) summer curriculum projects

17.) how far I have come as an educator

18.) my eraser mitt

19.) my box of good feelings (from bags of good feelings)

20.) my seventh period

21.) my auction

22.) my administration that is supportive of creative approaches in the classroom

23.) engaged students

24.) automatically connecting wi-fi for my personal devices (you have NO IDEA how huge that was for me this year)

25.) our campus – for it’s beauty and proximity to my parents’ house

26.) DESMOS 🙂

27.) Geogebra Tube

28.) Teaching Geometry (probably my favorite thing to teach – or at least a close second to Statistics)

29.) Greedy Pig Game with my statistics students

30.) the fact that our school colors are based on the Green Bay Packers (my favorite football team)

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