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The Call #MTBoS30

Growing up my parents were convinced that I would become an animator for Disney or a doctor or something “great”.  Sometimes I wonder what that life would’ve been like.  After my hospital experiences, I wonder if I would’ve made a good nurse.

As I entered college in 1997, I was an undecided major.  Although I probably would have been awarded more scholarships had I named a major, I really did not know what I wanted to do.  I was surrounded by education majors, my roommate and future maid of honor was one along with a number of my friends.  At the end of the school year, my roommate passed on a tutoring job to me because she did not have the time for it and the student needed junior high math help which was not exactly her forte.  I really enjoyed tutoring the kid – even at the paltry $6 an hour I earned for the work – pretty sure that was not even minimum wage in those days.  I liked it when the light went on.  Through that experience I finally decided to declare a math education major.  I guess it that was my “calling”.  Little did I know that teaching 30 students is MUCH different than tutoring one.  However, there are moments in my class now that let me know that I chose the right path for me.  I do have a good ability to make connections with students.  I have a knack for math and get excited when students find their own knack.  I love that the creative skills I had for sketching growing up go to great use when coming up with creative lessons for my students.  I love how everyday is different and allows a chance for me to grow as an educator as much as for my students to grow in their understanding of math.

Although some days make me question my “calling”, I think even those days offer the opportunity to learn from.  If I am questioning my “calling” maybe I’m not doing enough to make my learning environment most conducive for student learning.





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