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It Doesn’t Have To Be All Or Nothing #MTBoS30

I believe that my biggest problem with instituting new initiatives in my classroom is that I often think that it has to be all or nothing.  Most things in my life are that way: my workout regimen, preparing meals for the week, getting gas in my car.  I see this pattern over and over again.  With my workouts, if I miss once in a week I think “well this week is shot” and I don’t do the rest of them for the week.  If I have a plan to meal prep and I don’t do it, I end up getting take out too many times to count in a week. I think the secret to more success in my class, and in life for that matter, is to make smaller goals that will eventually build into bigger ones.  So for next fall, some of my back burner ideas are:

  • problem/project based learning
  • standards based grading
  • flipped class

Instead of an all or nothing approach, I should instead strive to do at least one of those activities per unit as a trial basis for the fall.  Then, if I LOVE something, try to go more all or nothing second semester.  I’ve gotten overwhelmed by the thought of each of those activities as they are a massive undertaking to do all the time for the whole year.  What do you think?


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