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Slap It (Fun Game That Needs a New Name)

I’ve been playing a fun review game for the last several years and thought that I would share it with you.  Here is how it works:

1.) Before class create HOMOGENEOUS groups of four based on ability level. Also, I work out the answers to the questions and put them into a PowerPoint so I can quickly go from problem to problem.

2.) Students sit in those groups.

3.) Students within each group select a letter A, B, C, or D (every letter MUST be represented).  If you have a group of three or two, have some students represent two letters at the same time.  These letters represent their TEAM for the day.  The students are actually competing AGAINST their table of four.

4.) You will show a problem for everyone to do.  When players come up with their answer they SLAP IT in the center of the group.  The FIRST person to get a CORRECT answer gets 4 points, second place gets 3, third place gets 2, and fourth place gets 1 PROVIDED THEY GET IT RIGHT.  Students earn 0 points for their team if they get problems wrong, and the next person gets their placing.  (ex. First place gets it wrong, second now becomes first and so on down the line).  Cool part is you always get team points as long as you get things correct.

5.) Students keep track at their own table with this tracking sheet.  I am working on making a Google Form for this but am still working out the kinks.

6.) After 5 questions, I check in with teams so the class knows how they are performing points wise.  I ask each table who is on team 1 and for their subtotal for that round.  I use this sheet to quickly sum their score.

7.) Team with the most points at the end, wins.

Students typically really enjoy this game because they only compete against similar ability levels.  Additionally, I can hang out close to tables of struggling students to help as needed.


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