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Exit Ticket: Gots and Needs #MTBoS30

I learned about “Gots and Needs” from my experience with the South Cook Math Initiative.  I like “Gots and Needs” because you could use it on basically any lesson and get some awesome quick formative assessment.  To do it, give each student two post-it notes.  Ask students to write down one thing they “Got” from being in class today and one “Need” that should be resolved to enhance their learning.  I encourage students NOT to write “everything” or “nothing” on their post-its and most of the time encourage students to keep the notes anonymous so that hopefully they are more honest with their ideas.  Then, as a beginning of class activity, I share the themes from the “gots” and “needs” and sometimes even read, verbatim, what students wrote.  It is a great way to review the lesson from the previous day and possibly reinforce ideas that were not developed enough for complete understanding.


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