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Regarding Your Impending Departure #MTBoS30

Today I devote my blog to one of my administrators who has accepted a position elsewhere.

Thank you for your time and effort to get us netbooks several years ago.  This initiative got me started working on my ed-tech-iness.  Without this start, I might never have discovered the single greatest source of my personal professional development these days, Twitter.  Thank you for your support of my creative endeavors especially when it came to utilizing technology in my classroom.

I appreciate how when I returned from my maternity leave you checked in on me and ensured that I had a decent place to take care of my milk pumping needs.  Not many male administrators would SINCERELY want to help with THAT – even if it is the law now.

Thank you for always embracing my nerdiness.  It’s hard being surrounded by the cool kids and it’s nice to have the support of fellow nerds.

Thanks for encouraging me to work outside of my comfort zone.

Thanks for having my back when I needed it.

Thanks is a small word and seems not to say enough, but it is the best I got this day.

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