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Standards Based Learning #MTBoS30

Here I go again posting on this.  I was informally checking Twitter and happened upon the #SBLChat that was happening.  I think it is a sign.  EVERYTHING about standards based learning makes sense to me.  I am so scared about the shift in my personal classroom.  Assigning points to homework and quizzes and tests is just second nature to me.  Honestly, I am overwhelmed by the thought of the workload…but KNOW that it is right for my students.  I have the whole summer ahead of me.  Do I devote it to this endeavor and go all out.  One of my recent posts was about my “all or nothing mentality”.  Maybe I need a mentor or someone to keep me accountable if I really want this to be my goal.  I am scared of being the lone wolf in my school to take on this endeavor.  How do I move forward?

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