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Balanced School Year – READ: No More Extended Summer Vacation #MTBoS30

As I was cruising through my Twitter feed tonight, someone pasted this link to an article on a balanced calendar. I have to admit that I LOVE having summers off.  Until I had my son, going on four (yikes) years ago, I always worked during the summer either through summer school or managing a pool.  The extra income was always nice and by the time summer ended I felt ready to return.  The article didn’t advocate everyone taking summer school, rather splitting up the break so that you get smaller breaks more often.  I have to admit, I couldn’t find anything to argue with in the article.  I wish that my students were involved in either work or the community during the summer but the truth is that they are not.  With a balanced school year (the article discusses 45-15 or 60-20 splits of time), students don’t suffer as much from the summer loss.  As much as I enjoy my summers off, I know that this would be better for my students.  I still think the “refuel” and “recharge” will need to happen and I want to maintain the 180 working days a year, but we really need to consider this as a possibility.  Unfortunately, it would have to be a systemic change since so many of my students are responsible for younger siblings during the summer thus requiring middle and elementary schools to make the same jumps.  But honestly, I think it is a GREAT idea.


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