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The Friday Five #MTBoS30

I really enjoy doing this Friday Five.  This week I had PLENTY of ideas to choose from.  Here are some of the blogs and posts that I have enjoyed this week.  I’ll save the other ideas for another week 🙂

1.)  When I get a smartboard, I will have to remember this website.  This website QUICKLY turns your smartboard (or any device) into an interactive whiteboard

2.)  Got this idea for bellwork next year

• Mental Math Mondays
• Talking Points Tuesday
• Estimation Wednesday
• Tough Pattern Thursday
• Favorite No Friday
3.)  Geogebra application to introduce trig in geometry.  Here is a post on using Geogebra for a number sense activity.
4.) Two Truths and a Lie in a Math Class.  SOOOOO fun.  For Geometry, I would love to do this with quadrilateral properties.
5.)  Trashketball lessons on volume of spheres and linear system of equations. Awesomeness.

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