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The Twitter Rabbit Hole #MTBoS30

Often I will go on Twitter or read blogs with a specific idea in mind.  For instance, this morning I wanted to research how other people kick off their Geometry classes.  I would like an approach that is more “Teach Like a Pirate” and less of “Here is the syllabus and my expectations”.  I was reading how Sam Shah started his Geometry class and then clicked a link and another and another and ended up reading about how a negative times a negative equals a positive.  I am calling this the Twitter Rabbit Hole but in all reality it could be the Internet Rabbit Hole.  I sometimes want to avoid this behavior because although I find out REALLY interesting things through that process it does not get me any closer to my original search or research intent.  How do you avoid the Rabbit Hole during your searching?  Or should I not even avoid it because I do end up in some really cool learning places?

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