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Thoughts After a Retirement Party #MTBoS30

Tonight I had the pleasure of attending a retirement party for one of the last employees left who was there on my first day at Rich East many moons ago.  Before going, I wondered who from our current iteration of Rich East would be there.  It never occurred to me that previously retired folks would be there (I know, I am a little slow sometimes).  It was a tremendous amount of fun seeing so many good people.  I am truly grateful to have had them in my life as I was a young teacher.  Whether it be the creative discipline of one of my predecessors (that included the occasional tossing of inanimate objects, like say chalk or desks) to the fabulous games of another to the incredible organization of the honoree of the night.  I have been so blessed on my journey to encounter great people who have taken good care of me.  I guess now it is my turn to help others.  I think where I have fallen short in this in the past is that I have “tried too hard” with people.  I think I need to be more like the folks from tonight who never had to “try” to pass things on, they just did.  I can definitely do that.  I want to be proud of my work and I want others to be as well.


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