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The LAST Day of School #MTBoS30

Today is the last day of school.  Yesterday was the last day with students.  My “stuff” has been packed for days as I know I will be in a new room next year.  This year has been a strange one for me, good, but strange. Here are some of the big things from this year.

Maternity leave that started almost a month early

My son was born two days after his due date so I expected something similar to happen with my daughter.  Since I had two preps this year that were new to me I was only staying about two days ahead of either one of my classes at any given time.  On the day I went into labor, I was actually having my formal observation.  During that observation, I had to ask my administrator to watch my class so I could go to the bathroom as I thought I had incontinence but was actually  my water breaking.   I even stayed through the next class period and administered the test to them.  When I requested a sub, I only asked for the next class period as I thought I would be back for my afternoon classes…boy was I wrong.  Luckily, my maternity leave sub was already in place so I had no worries and I had probably one of the easiest delivery experiences that one could expect.  The sub did quit about two weeks later but by that point I was ok with everything – something like that would’ve set me into a tail spin with my first pregnancy but this time, I was ok.

I did a pretty good job with co-teaching

I will humbly say that my experience with co-teaching for the first time was pretty good.  I got along with my co-teacher and we survived the year.  The passing rate for my classes was ok and I look forward to improving the next time around.

Chromebooks in my classroom took some getting used to

My tenure at Rich East has been long enough to include several technology innovations.  Some of those have been more well-received than others.  However, Chromebooks that actually work in my classroom have been incredibly beneficial and the idea of reliable technology took a little to get used to.  I have only tentatively used them since I know how much can come and go around here.  I feel like next year I can go all out and use them MUCH more regularly in class since they are so reliable.

My administrator got a new job

I wrote an entire post about this subject.  I’m sad to see him go and am a little fearful about who will replace him.  I can only pray that we will be ok.

Geometry – You Sexy Beast You – I Missed You

I’ve been out of the Geometry scene for several (since 2009-2010) years.  I completely forgot JUST how much I love the subject and cannot wait to teach it again next year.  It ALMOST makes up for the fact that I will not be teaching Statistics (I said ALMOST)


Summer will be here in a few short hours.  I’m looking forward to the last couple of days of May to reflect on my practice thus far and make good plans for next year.


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