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Finding the Work Life Balance #MTBoS30

My husband has been away since Thursday evening and I have taken care of my kids alone for the last couple of days.  Although I crave adult companionship, I also crave alone moments without any whining.  As I sit here alone with my thoughts though, I realize that during the school year I have done an OK job of finding the Work/Life balance.  One of the strategies that I have employed is having a “quitting time” like the rest of the world.  Although this “quitting time” is enforced pretty strictly by daycare, it doesn’t necessarily prevent me from bringing items home with me for grading or planning when I am not at school.  I have found that there is always something MORE to do and that leaving these items at school to be dealt with later is actually better for my work-life balance.  Additionally, I try to keep the home stuff at home (this is more challenging since I am a pumping mama and HAVE to pump during the school day but I try to do work at the same time).  By keeping home at home and work at work I feel like I am doing a “pretty good” job in both arenas.  I have found that when I am AWESOME in one part of life, I tend to be not so awesome in another.  So, for now, when my kids are this young (they will only be this young ONCE so I should enjoy it) I will be satisfied with “pretty good” and be grateful for all my life has to offer me right now.

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