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Summer Vision Coming Into Focus #MTBoS30

While reading blogs earlier this month, I came across one that talked about having the BEST SUMMER EVER and I was intrigued.  I proceeded to try to do the items outlined in the article.

I wrote out my summer vision along with a home improvement to do list and a list of major events of the summer by week.  Many of the ideas listed in the post sounded great to me so you will see that there are plenty of repeats from their list.  I put these lists on the back of my front door to be a constant reminder of what my goals are so that I can work every day to achieve them.  Today marks the end of the first full week of summer (we had to be at school for check out procedures last Tuesday) and I have done a good job of keeping my summer vision in focus.  My son’s potty training was a late add but an important one.  It is having a huge impact on what we do and what we don’t do as a family these days so it will be a huge accomplishment if we, or rather I should say he, can get it done.

I now need to work on #5 from the post regarding making a To Do list for each week.  I LOVE To Do lists but tend to have an ongoing one that I rewrite every so often when most items have been completed.  If I do one list per week, I think I will be more productive.

I also need to find a balance between this idea with the various lists and one of my other favorite blog posts from The Hands Free Mama.  This post has stuck with me for a couple of reasons.  First, it was published a few weeks before my son was born.  I only WISH that I had discovered it then as I have a device addiction that I need to work on.  Second, it makes sense and I always have an appreciation for things that make sense.  I think that I can find balance between the two initiatives.  Maybe locking up my phone after the first thirty minutes of the day or limiting myself to Facebook only when my kids are sleeping or when I have access to a real laptop.  Definitely something to work on.


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