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This #MTBoS30 Thing Was Worthwhile and HARD

I don’t know what got into me that I thought that I could do 30 posts in the month of May.  This has definitely been a challenge for me.  Some posts were easy and smooth like a hot knife through butter.  Others reminded me of the chore it was to basically “blog” while in grad school – then it was a blackboard assignment and we had to comment on two other comments each week – it was pretty awful.  However, there were some great learning opportunities for me by doing this activity.

1.) There are some really talented math teachers in the world and it is awesome that I can connect with them through the Twitter-verse and the Blog-O-Sphere.  I’m amazed that the degrees of separation between me and the math Gods is only like one or two degrees.  I like the thought that I am so close that maybe I could rub elbows with them someday and my students might get glimpses of what amazing teachers do.

2.) Blogging everyday is a challenge especially when you aren’t necessarily inspired.  I have a new appreciation for newspaper columnists who can write EVERYDAY and have amazing things to say.

3.)  When I don’t have something amazing to say, sometimes it is ok to just quote other amazingness.

4.)  I am questioning the purpose of my own blog.  This blog started out from a challenge I found online a couple of years ago.  Is the only reason I blog is for myself or when I feel challenged to do so?  I appreciate the people who have read my thoughts.  It has been nice to have this digital outlet to allow me the space to reflect on what I have learned.  However, what is really the point?  If it is just a journal for my musings I could just do that through a simple Word document housed on my computer.  Does this really need to be published on the World Wide Web?  Maybe so that I will feel more inclined to keep at it.

I don’t think that I will try to keep up with the blog a day pace, however, I would like for blogging to be part of the routine.  I think I need to pick a day a week to maintain it.  If I want to do more, then so be it.  However, I think that the challenge of a blog a week will be a good one for me.  It will help to get me reading other people’s stuff too which keeps me fresh and in the know.

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