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Let ‘Em Go on #Geogebra Was the BEST! #MTBoS

Today I “let em go” in my Geometry Honors class.  Typically, I use as a tool for demonstration in class and my students have not created their own drawings.  Today, I let go of the reigns and decided  to let my students do the discovery.  Their task: CONSTRUCT an isosceles triangle.  I was impressed with how diligent they were in trying to figure out how to do this on their own.  I also was amazed at how few of them utilized the Chromebook power of an internet search to help them.

I loved this activity because of the simplicity of the task yet the complexity of finding a means to get it done.  I loved how they were asking questions like “how do I make it do the sides STAY equal”.  I didn’t have to SHOW my students how to use the product, they figured it out in real time.  I am excited for future endeavors with this approach.  It also makes me reconsider how I teach constructions in the future.  Currently, we spend a whole unit on paper, compass, and straight edge constructions.  I think it might be more beneficial to create online constructions given the trajectory of the world.  However, I wonder if the beauty of a circle created with a compass and the congruent radii present will be lost through the simple use of an online tool.  This will definitely be a topic of conversation for my next team meeting.


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