Posted in EdTech, Math, AWESOME Review/Learning Experience #MTBoS

Today my students reviewed for an upcoming assessment using Quizlet.  Quizlet is an online social vocabulary review application.  After you create a study set (or find one in their library), you can choose from a variety of options.  Similar to the old school flash cards, there are spots for terms as well as their definitions.  You can decide how to use these.  Basically students will make matches to “play” the various reviews.  The option I used in class was  Students log in using a class code.  Students are then divided randomly into teams.  Each individual needs their own device.  The answer cards are distributed evenly among the teammates.  The correct answer may or may not be on your screen so students have to work together.  Answering wrong will drop the team score down to 0 so students have to get 12 correct in a row to win the game.  It was great to hear how they engaged with the activity.  Some students were actually talking in small groups which was awesome to see.  I was impressed that even in my most difficult class that students were working together (eventually).  I highly suggest the activity.  Not for EVERYDAY but it was certainly a good change from using the ever popular (my favorite game platform).  You will have to upgrade to include diagrams, BUT there are lots of other study sets in the library to choose from so you might find something that someone else used that will work.

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