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Twas the Night Before New Years Eve

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to be more reflective online.  I reflect SO much in school in my head, but I am not very good about turning those reflections into action.  I believe that part of my problem is that I don’t hold myself accountable to my reflections.  I think that if I set up a regular blog posting day either once a week or every other week that I can do a much better job of turning my reflections into actions.  I am leaning toward every other week. That way, on the off weeks I can devote my extra time to reading other people’s blogs for inspiration.

Let’s start this reflection thing off on a good note by discussing some of the high parts of this past semester:

The Good

1.)  I have become very adept at using my SmartBoard.  Earlier this year, I was basically afraid of using SmartNotebook and my flatpanel.  I’ll admit that I started the year using my document camera because of this fear.  However, now not only do I write my lessons using SmartNotebook (no more paper to computer transcriptions like back in September) but I have integrated Geogebra directly into my lessons!  I’m proud of how far I have come.

2.) I have been very successful at integrating Chromebooks into my lessons on at least a weekly basis.

3.)  I’ve been able to find a much better work/life balance.  School work is done (for the most part) AT SCHOOL and home work is done (for the most part) AT HOME.  I used to take a bag home and feel disappointed with myself when I didn’t do as much as I wanted over the weekend and similarly when I would try to do home tasks (writing meal plans, grocery lists, Amazon shopping etc) on my planning period.  By having the separation between the two I feel much more present and I think my kids can feel it too.


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