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Join in on the #MTBoSblogsplosion #MTBoS

A couple of days ago I was in search of accountability partners for blogging this semester.  I find that when I am deliberate about my reflections (BKA blogging) that I do a much better job of ACTING on those reflections.  I was excited to see other teachers who were interested in starting to blog more too using the hashtag #MTBoSblogsplosion.

My plan is to blog every other week and on the off writing weeks devote at least an hour of my time to reading and possibly responding to other people’s blogs.

Here are some prompts that I would like to work on this semester:

1.) discuss student work through taking a picture of it (hiding the name of course)

2.) interview a student about my course to find out the good, the bad and the ugly (keep it honest here)

3.)  there are thirty prompts on this blog post that might work for me and use the hashtag #reflectiveteacher

4.)  during my MTBoS30 challenge I enjoyed sharing my Friday Five (blogs or teaching things that caught my interest) and I would like to return to that

5.)  Here is Edutopia’s Pinterest board on blogging

I will hopefully update this blog with additional prompts as I see them.  Thank you to the #MTBoS for providing me with an avenue to blog 🙂




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