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My One Word for 2017: Grateful #MTBoSblogsplosion #oneword2017 #MTBoS

I was unsure about doing the #oneword2017.  It’s a challenge to just pick one and there are so many areas that I want to focus on.  However, I selected grateful because I believe that it can translate into my “one word” for my outside of school life as well as my inside of school life.


I am grateful for my students who do choose to come to my class each day.  Unfortunately, I have some students who make other choices as to how they spend their time Monday through Friday rather than come to Geometry.  Although we do not want it to be a choice, in the end it really is one.  I need to be grateful that they made that good choice and reward that good choice by giving students a lesson that they can use.

I am grateful for my school.  I have always been afforded a great deal of room for creativity in my classroom, which is not the case elsewhere.  I need to push myself to take advantage of that opportunity on a more regular basis.  I need to challenge myself to find creative ways to get students more involved and be grateful for the supportive atmosphere present in my school.

I am grateful for the technology in my school.  When I think about what is available in my classroom on a daily basis, I am in awe.  I have a set of Chromebooks chilling in the back of my room to use as I please any day I please!  I have a new flat panel SmartBoard that I am grateful that I have been able to become more able at using.  I have technology knowhow oozing from my brain.  Although I can be thirsty for more, I am incredibly grateful for everything that I have.  I’ve come a long way from the overhead projector and some vis-a-vis markers, baby!

I’m grateful that I have a job.  Plenty of people would love to be in my position with full benefits and a nice salary.  Not to mention holidays off and summers off.  I need to come at this job with a sense of gratefulness.

I want to commit to writing about this idea of “grateful” in the coming year to keep it on the top of my mind.



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