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January 2017 Institute

Last night I attended an online training.  The training was led by Justin Baeder.  I was impressed with the training because he was honest from the beginning that everything that he was about to mention was not necessarily new information and that participants should come into the experience with an open mind.  I was so glad he said this because 1.) he was right (disclaimer: I used to work in a Career Center and helped people with editing resumes and cover letters) and 2.) because I had an open mind it helped me realize the problems with my own cover letter, resume and letters of recommendation.  This experience gave me confidence to head into this new job search with a competitive mind set that I am the perfect candidate for the position and now I just have to show the interviewer.

I’ve included this reflection here as I approached today’s institute sessions with that same open mind and I really think that I have benefitted from that mind set today.

Schoology Session

I signed up for Schoology because I wanted to learn more about this system.  I like that everything is housed in a central location for students rather than piecing together a variety of websites (right now, I direct students to my personal classroom website, instruct them to use Remind, direct them to an online version of the textbook, and use a variety of web resources (such as Geogebra, Desmos, etc) that sometimes I put on the personal classroom website and others I just give them a stand alone shortened website for the day to use).  I’ve altered my first day back lessons to include Schoology sign ups, so it begins :).

Fashion Construction

I’ve never created a whole project like this before.  I tried taking up crochet when I was home last year for maternity leave and I got kinda close to making a potholder 🙂 but not close enough to actually use.  I’m SERIOUSLY considering purchasing a sewing machine because I always have to ask my mom to help me when the dogs tear up my kids dog toys or when I need a button or a hem.  I believe that I could actually handle those tasks.



Manufacturing Program

From this awesome session I learned all about the application of math in the real world.  My previous Principal, Mark Kramer, spoke about how there are workplaces in Chicago that have jobs available but cannot fill them due to lack of training/experience.  6 out of 10 positions remain unfilled due to the talent shortage.  They currently have plans to give recent graduates of the manufacturing program abandoned homes in Park Forest, the student will only be responsible for paying the taxes on the property, the village gets a tax payer and someone living on a property that did not have someone there or even much of a possibility of someone living there in the near future.  Specific to math, the teachers said that students needed to know about the cartesian coordinate system is important along with geometry and trigonometry.

This presentation was so inspiring.  I loved the passion the students had for their work and I wanted to be able to instill some of that in my own class.  I loved the connection to the community.  It was GREAT!




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