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Clementines, Density, and Games OH MY! :) #MTBoS @MathICTM

I was excited when @MrsForest invited me to be the blogger of the week for @MathICTM.  Followed by terror as I have not been blogging much lately.  The last two months included having a student teacher quit after five weeks (I WILL NOT blog about that, but I learned SO MUCH from that experience and I am a better teacher today because of it) and holding our annual four-day Snowball retreat which included about 140 people from across our district that I realized that I have been a little bit busy 🙂 so I’ll cut myself some slack.  Here are some quick class thoughts that I have had recently…

Surface Area of a Sphere: USE CLEMENTINES!

I searched for a Geogebra way to derive the surface area of a sphere but came up short.  I’ve been happy with all the applets I have found for the other various formulas and was sad not to find quite what I was looking for.  I searched Twitter and found this gem:

And then found this video:

Awesomeness!  My room smelled awesome because of the clementines and I really do believe that students will remember the formula for a while.  I will tweak it a little for the future as not all of my students drew “good” circles and so some had less than 4 circles worth of area.  However, overall I liked the activity and the students enjoyed it as well.

Density Tube

There is nothing much better than a good prop in class.  When I taught about density this week I bought honey, karo syrup, liquid dish detergent, water, olive oil, and rubbing alcohol.  I dyed each with food coloring and layered the liquids in class in a narrow flower vase.  My students got a kick out of doing science in a math class which I thought was awesome.  Unfortunately, I did not get a picture before we “played” with the finished product by dumping it into an empty water bottle to see if it would separate again – it did, but it wasn’t as “pretty”.  I totally recommend the prop.

Game: Lucky Lottery

After looking through other featured bloggers of the week from @MathICTM, I found a quick little game called Lucky Lottery.  I used it in class today (which was going to be a boring worksheet review, don’t judge me too hard) and the game was engaging and I really knew what students KNEW and what they will need help with before their test this week.  I highly recommend it for a quick easy set up game.  Side note, I also made a SmartNotebook with 100 numbers on it.  You need to tweak the slides to make the spaces a little bigger but it worked well.