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I’ve Gotten All Twitterfied Again, Thanks to the #MTBoS and #iteachmath Debate

I’ve spent more time on Twitter in the last couple of days than I probably have in the last year.   I got an email about Dan Meyer’s post on his blog about Retiring the #MTBoS because I have subscribed to his blog.  I highly respect what he has done for mathematics education.  However, this post caught me off guard.  I am a HUGE supporter of the #MTBoS (Math Twitter Blog-O-Sphere) and have found INNUMERABLE resources that I use on a regular basis because of this hashtag.  At first glance, my guard was up and I couldn’t believe that someone of his status in the math community would make this suggestion ESPECIALLY given the fact that he himself has blogged about introducing math teachers to the #MTBoS in this blog post and especially in this blog post.  I thought the timing was an extra zing since the #MTBoS community has a conference called Twitter Math Camp that was occurring when his blog went to press.

I consider myself open-minded and have given the idea more thought.  I’ve prowled all over Twitter to get a handle on how others feel about the suggestion of the #iteachmath hashtag versus #MTBoS.  I’ve read many blogs about the arguments for and against the change.  I’ve seen other suggestions for hashtags.  I’ve considered my own experience with the hashtag and agree that it is a little hidden (gem) of a meaning.  I make up hashtags on the regular and with this one I was hesitant to use it for two reasons.  Like others, I felt like maybe you had to be part of “the club” or maybe an attendee of Twitter Math Camp to use it.  I Googled it and found a wealth of knowledge.  I am unsure of whether I had my blog before using it or around the same time, however, using the hashtag is a reminder to me to blog more often.  On the other hand, I am judicious about when I use it as I know the community that I am pinging when I do and there is a higher level of respect/judgement involved than some of the other hashtags that have been suggested.  I don’t even follow #edchat as it is full of spammy stuff.  Even #TLAP can be problematic at times (though I still love that community and follow the hashtag).


  • to follow a hashtag that is full of old school worksheets that have just been uploaded to a site
  • a hashtag that includes talk that is negative about student mindset


  • a hashtag that is more inclusive
  • other and more math instructors to be able to access this community and be part of the conversation


My English teachers would hate this blog as I do not have a clear argument.  I could easily argue both sides of the issue.  My jury is still out.  I will follow both hashtags and probably use both hashtags (if I remember to do so – still kind of a rookie when it comes to tweeting at times)

While I’ve Been Back to Twitter…

While prowling and determining my personal stance on the issue, I have found some more great stuff.  So here are some of the good things I would like to incorporate this year:

  • quick online team making app because I will ALWAYS love games in my classroom
  • Vertical Non-Permanent Surfaces” for a new way to do problem solving
  • I want to finish listening to this awesome RadioLab Podcast on Numbers
  • I need a place to properly house unique fun problems that don’t necessarily fit into my curriculum units but would still be a great to use.  Consider the picture below:

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 3.00.07 PM.png

or this one

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 3.09.21 PM.png




2 thoughts on “I’ve Gotten All Twitterfied Again, Thanks to the #MTBoS and #iteachmath Debate

  1. Hi Jackie,
    I would love to hear how it goes when you implement the groups & vertical non-permanent surfaces! I see you’ve picked out a “would you rather problem also” … can I assume you’ve found the awesome site that hosts them all? If not:
    Wishing you a most excellent start to the school year! Keep in touch as to how it all goes.

    1. Another rookie mistake I keep making is screenshotting things I like and forgetting to write down where I got them to give proper credit (which is bogus and I’ll work on it in the future). I believe both pictures came from blog posts that I read this week. I LOVE wouldyourathermath! Such a fabulous site. We talked about it along with sites like and Which One Doesn’t Belong ( during a recent presentation. Thanks so much for the comment! Have a great school year as well 🙂

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