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Reflections on PD Presentation on @ Geogebra #blaugust #MCMIPD #MTBoS #iteachmath

Today I co-presented a session on Geogebra at the Metro Chicago Math Initiative’s Summer Institute.  

The goals of our session included 

  • Familiarize teachers with Geogebra to the point that they would feel comfortable using it in their courses this fall
  • Utilize non-routine tasks to help with that process and show teachers places where these could be useful in class

We planned the session via Zoom and Melanie was instrumental in introducing me to some great tasks that I plan on using myself this year.  Crucial to the success of this presentation (as well as other MCMI presentations) is actually doing the math. I’m always amazed when math teachers scoff at doing the tasks that we want to present to students.  We relied on these problems, a variety of worksheets from Geogebratube, and a Formative Assessment Lesson (an always, sometimes, never card sort that I would like to Desmos Activity Builder translate). 

The aspects of the activity that went well were the group challenge tasks and non-routine tasks.   I was scared at first because our group was silent while working but they were just THAT engaged.  If I were to do the session again, I’d include more sharing on their part.  I needed to engage them more in the discussion. However, I was satisfied with the session. The participants’ feed back all was positive which was a further validation that we met our objectives.  I liked having a partner which made me psyched for this year of co-teaching ahead.  

During the time we allotted for searching the database we came across this intriguing gem from my favorite Geogebra author, Tim Brezezinski.  Next time I’d like to use it during the presentation for one of our challenges.  

During my limited time at the institute, I introduced many teachers to the idea of using Twitter for their math teaching practice. I continue to be floored by the number who have not been exposed to this fabulous group, the #MTBoS, as well as the numerous other connected educator opportunities available through Twitter such as edcamps. I need a better way of explaining it to teachers so that they will actually LOG ON and find the PD treasure that is present online which is arguably better than some of the mandated PD or traditional PD offered in our schools.  Maybe THAT is what I need to work on.  


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