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My Kid Starts Kindergarten Soon, Here Is What I Want From His Teacher #blaugust

I worked at the Park Forest Aqua Center for over ten years as a cashier, lifeguard and swim lesson instructor.  Toward the end of that I also had the privilege of serving as the lessons coordinator.  After that, I was the manager at Homewood-Flossmoor’s Lions Club Pool for eight years.  I am very well aware of how important it is for people, especially kids to learn how to swim.  Ever since Jacob was born I have tried to acclimate him to the water with VERY little success.  So this year I decided to enroll him in swim lessons.  Two weeks ago, Jacob went to swim lessons for the first time. Within one minute, the instructor had Jacob completely submerge.  I was impressed because I had been trying for soooo long and was not getting through to him.  I learned so much from this experience.  After careful consideration, I have made a list of the top things that I would like for my son’s kindergarten teacher to possess.

4. Be Nice – We’ve worked so hard on manners and “taking Thank You bites” and introducing ourselves to new friends.  I just hope that these things will continue in school.  I hope that no matter what, that she is nice.

3. I’m a Teamplayer, Can I Be On Your Team Too? – I’m a big part of my son’s life and I want to be part of his educational experience.  I realize that I won’t always be “the one to teach him” so I can only hope to play on that same team.  Involve me as much as you can and know that I want to be part of your team too.  I know how hard this teaching thing is and I teach high school for a reason.

2. Teach Him To Enjoy Math – After seeing how well swimming went, I can only imagine what math will go like.  In all actuality, I am now really afraid.  What if he doesn’t like math?  I would be crushed.  Please help him enjoy math.  Help him find patterns and see the beauty in math.  You are truly my only hope!

1. Love Him – I’ve spent over five years with this individual and he is really amazing.  He is funny and intelligent and the best thing I’ve ever done.  Please love him.  I know, at times, he can be unloveable, but love him anyway.  I do and I know you can too.

After reading this list, I think it is a good place for me to start as I become someone else’s child’s teacher this year.  Becoming a parent has made me so much more aware of the important role of teachers in kids’ lives.  I just want to be a good one.


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