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My Standards Based Grading STRUGGLE to Start #blaugust

The day is not over so I have not already messed up the month of blogging 🙂

I’ve been toying with the idea of Standards Based Grading.  I would be a lone wolf in my school (which I have been assured by other previous lone wolves that I will survive).  I am on cycle to be observed this year (which only scares me a little as I have tenure but the scary part is our administration has almost completely changed). I already “believe” and practice some of the attributes including retesting (although I have limited retests to ONCE as opposed to unlimited) and elimination of almost all homework (which I don’t know if it is an actual attribute of SBG/SBL but seems to flow from it from what I have read).  In my heart, I want to do it sooooo bad.  But my brain is like “Jackie, just do what you know and it will be an easy year.  That SBG/SBL/SBR stuff is gonna be a lot of work.  Take it a little easy as you have had it rough for a while”.  Brain is right but I want to go with my heart.  I wish I had someone else doing it with me.  I need guidance on these “concept lists”.  I need help with what goes on an assessment and the record keeping.  I need assurance from someone that this is totally viable and that I will have good answers to the push back I might receive from students and parents.  Also, given that so many of my students are so far behind Geometry ready, I am afraid that some of the concept lists might be beyond them.  I’m co-teaching so I know that if we undertake this initiative, I’ve gotta believe with my whole heart or my co-teacher won’t want to buy what I am selling.

I was looking back through my old Twitter feed and I’ve been hemming and hawing about this since like 2014.  I didn’t do it then because I got pregnant and being pregnant and teaching is ENOUGH (like seriously, I do get to say that as I got OBSERVED while I was in labor and earned an “excellent”). But now, I have no excuse, except for the ones outlined above.

Is this really blog worthy?  I don’t know, but it is what is on my mind and it feels better to put this out into the world.


2 thoughts on “My Standards Based Grading STRUGGLE to Start #blaugust

  1. Hello from Twitter, Jackie! I would LOVE to collaborate with you on Geometry this year. It sounds like we’re kind of in the same boat. I’ll also be sort of a lone wolf in this at my school, so maybe we should form a pack 🙂
    I’ve started this folder
    based on New Visions’ geometry curriculum ( There is a start at a “skills list” based on CCSS clusters for geometry, and “Geom Targets by Cluster” is where I’m starting to collect “good” assessment questions for each target. Send me an email or DM on Twitter (@lindjonath) if you’d like to bounce some ideas back and forth.
    Happy planning!

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