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Seeing Clearly #blaugust

My son got glasses today.  

I have mixed emotions.  I am so glad we have the means to provide these for him (so many of my students’ parents cannot afford this “luxury”).  I can’t believe that we have placed over $100 on his face but still can’t trust him to properly wipe after #2 (it’s a work in progress).  I’m sad that he’s not been able to see and we only now know about this.  

Then I recall my own vision experiences.  I remember seeing blades of grass for the first time.  Seeing hawks on the telephone wires that my mom always pointed out to me and I just thought she was crazy because I never saw them.  It was like my whole world changed.  But it wasn’t the whole world.  Actually, the world hadn’t changed at all that day.  The only thing that changed was my outlook.  Pardon the pun, but all that was different was the frame I put onto the world.  

As I go into this new school year, what can I do to “frame” mathematics differently so that my students can see the light of problem solving the way that I do – as a positive thing? 


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