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Where Does Your Allegiance Lie? #blaugust

I grew up in a household that would drive all the way to the state line to be able to watch Packers games as a kid.  Therefore I grew up cheering for the green and gold.  I knew that being a Packers fan in Chicago was tough but when I married into a season ticket holding Bears fan family I started questioning my allegiance.  I wonder how much of my attachment to my beloved Packers as due to my loyalty to my family as opposed o a true love for “my team”.  How do you form these allegiances and should it be for mere geographic reasons or should there be more? Can there be more with just a sport?

I have now been to at least five times as many Bears games(if not more) than Packers games. I talked about potentially switching sides to my mother in law and she encouraged me to stick with my own side (which I know that I will as long as my daddy is living).  

With relation to math teaching, how do our allegiances to things like FOIL, keep change change, or the alligator eats the bigger number become so entrenched when we know that it is not the best way to teach all kids?  On the other hand, how do we get so stuck in our other ways that we do not think it is ok to allow some of these other methods in. Just my musings. Carry on 


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