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Classroom is Coming Together

I’m so grateful that my husband watched the kids all morning so I could work in my classroom. 


I purposely clean my classroom as though I am going to move out.  First, for seven years I switched classrooms every year.  I eventually embraced the process as a good way to purge unnecessary items.  Second, one year I returned from summer to discover that my room had changed.  Having everything already packed at the end of the year when you have time is so much easier than packing when you are trying to plan for the new school year.  Finally, it is nice to have a clean slate to work from.  


Great MTBOS idea to post a vocabulary bulletin board by alphabet. Genius

Vertical number line. My sophomores still need it. 

A mathy Welcome sign I found on the MTBoS (link with appropriate shout outs coming soon). 


Found an old set of transparencies (for the young folk, there was a time before LCD projectors and SmartBoards). Before pitching them, I came up with a repurposing to make vertical non-permanent surfaces with them in my room. 

That’s it for classroom.  I started the process for planning my classes and attempted to access my online bootleg copy of my textbook (2010 Glencoe Geometry) that has been shut down :(.  I guess that just means I need to Ditch That Textbook ;-).  


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