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Gots and Needs QUICK Closure Activity

One of my favorite closure activities is “Gots and Needs”.  You can do it with basically no prep in case you want to check in quickly with your students.  Give each student TWO post-it notes.  Ask them to write down one thing they “got” from the lesson and one thing they “need” to understand better for the next lesson.  Then students place their post-its on the board.  Typically, by the next day I will organize these post-its into groups and report back to students what they said.   I like this activity because it forces students to articulate in their own words at least one lesson they learned from the day and to also articulate what questions they still have.  My students struggle with putting into words what they see in their heads.  Sometimes, I will take pictures of what students actually wrote so that we can discuss how to better formulate questions.  I find it really telling about my lesson when students write things like “everything” because then I know that I have missed my mark (regardless of whether “everything” shows up under got or need).IMG_7504.jpg


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