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The End of #Blaugust

I was not completely successful with blaugust but am happy with the result anyway.  Blogging really helps me to look for the positive in every day.  Even when situations are negative, you can make them positive by learning from them.  I have noticed that my posts that earn the most attention are ones that highlight the positive things I have learned.  Even when I have admitted mistakes on this blog, I have learned great lessons that I have shared.  Moving forward into this school year I plan to continue with the #Teach180 picture posts with 140 character reflections, or microblogging, if you will :).  I would like to publish longer blog posts approximately once per week.  I wanted to thank the #MTBoS for inspiring me to get back to blogging my reflections on teaching and inspiring me to get more involved on Twitter again.  I also committed to moderating the #MTBoS hashtag on the 30th of each month which was a fun experience yesterday.  It is great to help others feel welcome in this community that I have learned so much from and I like giving back in any way that I can.


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