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Games Math People Play

I love, love, LOVE games.  I would love to gamify my whole class, but for right now I’ll just gamify a little at a time.  Here are a few of my favorite activities.



One of my most favorite teachers in my building taught me this game many years ago.  If you have a worksheet or review already worked out, you can easily adapt it to this game.  I love this game because it will allow you to work with small groups who need more assistance since the groups are ability grouped.  Here is a blog post where I describe the game in detail.

Quizlet Live

If you haven’t tried Quizlet Live with Geometry students, you need to.  You can browse the topics others have created (here is an example of a set from another teacher that incorporates chapter 1 vocabulary) and use them with your class for free. I suggest doing this activity 1:1 chromebooks as it gives each student the opportunity to have their own cards and work in a group.  Also, consider using it to INTRODUCE vocabulary rather than just review.  Yes, you read that right, introduce vocabulary.  If you are 1:1, encourage your students to use a different tab to Google terms they don’t know.  My students loved this activity and learned a ton more than on a typical vocabulary day.  There are other ways to use the sets (think traditional flashcards, an individual matching game, etc) but in my opinion, Quizlet Live is the most fun.  I did not pay for the “Teacher” upgrade as I have always been able to find a set that I could adapt to my needs.  However, if you want to include YOUR OWN diagrams, you will have to upgrade.


I love this activity because it is fast paced, involves higher order thinking, and will take any old worksheet to the next level.  First, you fill out a worksheet (I usually do a unit review) and only make about half of it correct.  The other answers try to make mistakes your students typically make. Make copies or distribute this to groups of students (I would only go up to four in a group as more than that will not give students enough to do).  Give students about fifteen minutes to look at the work. Pass out $1,000 in play money to each group.  Then host an auction where students bid on the answers. Group who wins the most correct answers wins.  If a group purchases an incorrect answer, not only do they not get a point but I charge them an additional $200.  Money left over is used for tie breaking only.  I love how I can tell exactly what students really understand versus what needs more work based on their bidding habits.

Slope Ms Stone Says

I learned this game when I was student teaching.  It is a super way to review different types of slope and get your students on their feet.  Read more about this game here.


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