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Webinar on Visual Patterns

I attended this week’s Global Math Department’s weekly presentation about visual patterns given by Michael Fenton.  I loved how simple it was (low floor) but how how you could go mind blowing (high ceiling) as well.  People shared their images using a hashtag pretty easily and I loved the questions posed that I plan to use in my own classroom like:

  • What comes next?
  • What comes after that?
  • What comes way down the line?
  • What comes before?
  • What comes in between?
  • What comes at stage 1.5?
  • What is in the middle
  • What is stage 1?
  • What is stage 0?

I loved the idea of allowing students to be creative and get them out of the idea that they could be wrong.  One of my favorite tweets of the night highlighted this idea of being right.  I think that I need to focus my classes more on being able to see multiple points of view as opposed to the fear of not being right.  I know that if I asked students to draw stages 2 and 3 that they would be fearful and I need to try to break down this fear.  This webinar really has me thinking and I am excited about what I will do with what I learned in class this week.