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SAT Prep Class FaceTime Conversations

Ever since I was presented with the possibility of teaching the SAT Prep class I was concerned about keeping students motivated to work during class.  Several aspects were working against this class from the beginning:

  • The class is held during study hall which has traditionally meant, for our students, a work free period.  Therefore, while the rest of the school can choose what they do with this period, my students would be expected to work.
  • The students did not sign up for this opportunity.  They showed up second semester and I was blessed to be the one to break it to them that this study hall would be different.
  • A handful of the students in the class are interested in pursuing the military after high school.  For them, preparation for the ASVAB would be more beneficial.

Given all of this, I have tried my best to help students to the best of my ability.  The first few days of class I had students complete vision boards which was a great experience (and worthy of a separate blog post). I have incorporated games into the class at least once a week.  I’ve tried to promote an environment where students could be more self-motivated to practice.

My most recent addition to the class has been to FaceTime with people in fields that my students are interested in.  My first experience with this was inviting the awesome Angel Spiccia into my class.  She was my roommate and sorority sister in college :).  Currently, she professionally sings jazz.  Given the fact that a number of my students are interested in entertainment, I thought that she could give them a good perspective.  She provided great insight into what current high school juniors should do to prepare them to go into the industry.  She also advocated for students to get a background in the business side of the industry to ensure that they had options.  Part of that includes doing well on the SAT to be able to get into a college and pursue a business degree.  She was truly a joy to have in class.


On a separate occasion, I invited Fred Williams III to my class to talk about his experience with the military.  I loved how honest he was with my students about his journey to where he is today.  My students were very engaged in what he had to say and it was great to see him doing awesome things with his life




This class might not always be sunshine and rainbows but I love where it is going.  I love that my FaceTime worked out 🙂 and that my students have now started making requests for other people to come talk (anyone out there a published author or photographer 🙂 let me know, I’d love to have you). I like that I am pushing myself to give my students the very best and I’m proud of where this is going.