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The 40 Hour Teacher Workweek and Me

This year has been a good one for me as far as improving my practice and reflection but I realized that I was looking for something different, something more.  For the past two semesters I have thought about doing Angela Watson’s 40 Hour Teacher Workweek Club but was scared because of the commitment (both financial and time).  As with most purchases, I applied my rule of if I see something once I won’t buy it on a whim but if I still want the item after that point then maybe I should buy it.  Additionally, a blogger that I truly respect, Sarah Carter, wrote a post about the club and that was the tipping point.

Top Five Takeaways Thus Far

When I signed up for the club, I put a calendar reminder to myself to make a “keep it” decision about three weeks in as Ms. Watson offers a money back guarantee. At that point though, I decided this program was a keeper. Here are the top five reasons why I decided to continue my membership:

  1. The List Making System As a list making person by nature I was surprised that I liked Ms. Watson’s way better than anything I had done previously.  I mean, I plan all my dinners in a Google calendar, have a grocery app on my phone that I love, and I used a post-it system at school that gave my post-it addiction purpose :).  However, this system was awesome and I loved that it was editable and in multiple formats.  As others have said, this system alone was worth the club investment. I’ve made priorities, felt less stressed, and made more time for my family.  I’ve been impressed that I have started training at 4am again and it hasn’t been detrimental to my energy level later in the day (which has not been the case in the past).  I have realized that these priorities have also allowed me more time to devote to landing a new job (I have landed TWO interviews this year….wish me luck on those positions :).
  2. The Weekly Podcast I am a big books on tape person for my commutes (I have a 45 minute commute to work each day) and having this 20 minute downloadable has been great.  I love that it previews the pdf materials available and provides great insights as well.  I have gotten some great ideas from the podcasts that I have implemented into my practice immediately. Also, I love the encouragement to just try ONE thing that week.  The program has so much to offer that it can become overwhelming, BUT with the encouragement to do just ONE thing I can definitely make that doable.
  3. The Online Community I like that the Facebook community is available.  I understand why it needs to be a Facebook community as opposed to a Twitter one (however, Twitter is still my preferred social media for teacher stuff). My posts have been approved quickly and I like going through this experience with other teachers.
  4. The Organization of the Club Ms. Watson organizes the materials into monthly topics.  Much of what she offers you could probably get from a variety of online resources for free.  Part of what you pay for is the organization of everything.  It helps give me focus and it feels like I have a coach.
  5. It’s Been Good I have had great results each time I have tried the ONE thing I decided each week.  I look forward to what the club has to offer in the remainder of this year especially over the summer as I prepare for next school year.

I highly recommend this program and have not been compensated for this review in any way.